With the emphasis on the preservation of natural wild life and native fauna, WildThings offer environmentally sound, humane animal control solutions such as:-

  • Live trapping, spotlighting, night vision, predator calling.
  • Complete vertebrae pest animal management control solutions.
  • A comprehensive range of conventional techniques; baiting, trapping, den and warren fumigation.
  • Monitoring programs including presence / absence and abundance of both feral and non-target species and pest animal management plans.

We are able to offer a complete pest animal management plan suited to your environment. All situations and environments are unique and present individual challenges. We are able discuss with you a range of options, incorporating any specific requirements and tailor each program to suit your requirements.

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Feral Cats

WildThings deals with a range of feral cat issues from nuisance domestic spraying to humane reactive control of native wildlife predation. Using the most humane and modern techniques available, WildThings are able bring any situation under control using a range of methods from live trapping, spotlighting, night vision, predator calling and euthanasia.

Wild Dogs

WildThings offers solutions for all wild dog issues on mine sites, pastoral areas and rural regions. We are a licensed Strychnine Service User which offers rapid solution to dangerous wild dog problems. WildThings supply a variety of palatable and viable baits which cater for wild dogs and are fully licensed in Western Australia to do the baiting. We also are able to target problem dogs with spotlighting, night vision, predator calling and trapping eradication.



WildThings have experience in the control of foxes in both urban and regional areas, maintaining best practice standards suitable to each environment. Due to fox trapping’s highly specialised nature, WildThings utilises their own uniquely designed trapping systems which minimises off target capture and sets the bench mark within the industry for the humane capture, release or dispatch. WildThings offers a range of poison controls where appropriate. We sell a variety of registered palatable and viable baits which cater for any problem and we are fully licensed to so do within Western Australia. Additionally targeting problem foxes with spotlighting, night vision, predator calling and shooting: WildThings also specialize in den fumigation and total den eradication.


We offer a total pest control service for all rabbit issues across Western Australia including seasonal population control or localised area infestation. WildThings utilizes both biological controls as well as hands on solutions including a variety of our own palatable and viable baits of which we are fully licensed to administer in Western Australia.
For rabbits, WildThings are a licensed user of RHDV (Calici Virus) Pindone, Aluminium Phosphide, 1080 oats and can supply both the weed free non-germinating oat variety or the palatable carrot variation. We also specialise in warren fumigation and total warren extinction. We have invested heavily in technology that allows us to manage warrens and humanly control rabbits within the warrens.
WildThings also target rabbits with spotlighting, night visionshooting.


Feral Pigs

WildThings offer a total solutions and management plan for feral pigs issues such as environmental degradation and native fauna destruction. Our team are an industry leader in humane animal trapping and dispatch. Our specially designed systems of pig trapping are among the most highly developed in the world. Our trapping technique aims to capture 100 percent of the pigs in a mob to eliminate and trap shy animals that become a long term problem.
We are a licensed pig bait manufacturer and offer a wide range of baiting as well as offering our services in spotlighting, night vision and shooting.

WildThings’ commitment to effective wildlife conservation is through the control and monitoring of feral species, the monitoring, management and protection of native wildlife and their habitats.
We provide a range of comprehensive professional services (both stand alone or a combined venture), for fauna survey and monitoring programs for Vertebrate Pest Management, which includes large feral herbivores.