Check List before Finalisation of Order

The following is a check list for minimum requirements for permit application forms
You must meet all of the following criteria to finalise your order:
  • Have completed and passed the online restricted chemical product training. Email:
  • As a condition of sale for West Australian Pest Management Technician’s, please upload your licence here
  • As a condition of sale for a landowner, please upload your Landowners permit here
  • If you do not have a valid 1080 permit, upload application form here
  • Upload the completed Map here
  • Your property is greater than 10 hectares or 25 acres
  • Confirm acknowledgement that baiting requires to be a minimum of 150m from any dwelling
  • Confirm your property is located outside an urban zone
  • Confirm your property is outside a town water catchment area
  • Ensure the restricted chemicals (1080 or strychnine) is safely stored and locked in a cabinet
  • Confirm that only Authorised users or authorised receivers can collect the product